By: Breitbart - One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened

Dear Mr. President,
I hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Africa. It cost the American taxpayers $100 million, so it should have been quite lovely. Of course, it does cost a pretty penny to stay in fine hotels with bullet proof glass installed over the windows, Secret Service agents rotating in shifts to accompany you, and the costly fuel in Air Force One to take you to each location, but then, you are the president. I’m sure this trip was important for some reason.

Meanwhile back here in the country for which you are supposed to be working, the sequestration cuts that you allowed to be implemented nearly four months ago have taken their toll. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel just recently stated that the military is at a breaking point. “These kinds of gaps and shortages could lead to a force that is inadequately trained…” he emphasized when referring to the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Additionally, the 84,000 students who attend some 200 Department of Defense run schools throughout the world will have a rather discombobulated entry to the school year. Five school days will be cut from the first few weeks of school. “The missed days are all clustered at the beginning of school because employees’ unpaid time off couldn’t begin until after July 8, when defense schools around the world were all closed, said Marilee Fitzgerald, director of the Department of Defense Education Activity. And they must all be taken before the start of the next fiscal year.” Any parent with school aged children understands how difficult this will be.

It was nice of you to find some time while on your trip to discuss domestic terrorism in our country. Unfortunately, you got it all wrong. And you likened them to Tea Partiers who “commonly own guns and stock up ammunition and food in anticipation of starting another civil war to overthrow the will of the governing body.” Sadly, Mr. President, you were completely mistaken about this, too, but maybe you can hire a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for your staff to further explain terrorism and government overthrows to you. I understand that Mohammad Morsi has recently become available.

Perhaps you can also have him lead tours of the White House, that is, once the sequestration cuts end.

~Temerity Dowell