Sen. Graham needs to retire.
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Thread: Sen. Graham needs to retire.

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    Sen. Graham needs to retire.

    In an 86 – 13 vote, Sen. Graham convinced the majority of Senate Republicans to keep you’re money flowing to an ungrateful country that burns the American Flag as a national past time.
    In fact, it’s even worse than you think.
    A Gallup Poll last year found that 82% of Egyptians don’t even want our money!
    But maybe they’ll take a U.S. Senator, who spends more time looking-out for the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood than the People of South Carolina.
    Ironically, President Obama has already asked Lindsey Graham to travel to Egypt on his behalf… save his celebrated ‘Arab Spring’… restore the Muslim Brotherhood. Its past time for Graham to retire!
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  3. And why don't the President go over to Egypt and tell them himself, he goes everywhere else.

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    That would interfere with one of his vacations.

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