Dear Mr. President,
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Thread: Dear Mr. President,

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    Dear Mr. President,

    Sent from a friend of mine.

    Dear Mr. President,

    In light of recent events, I believe that it is time that you, and all of your subordinates step down from office.

    In the recent months, I have witnessed many things going wrong in this country. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran, and am currently enlisted in the US Army Reserves’ 542nd out of Fairview, PA.

    You, Sir, have failed the American people on American principle alone. I won’t bring up Benghazi, or any of that, because all the evidence we are given on the Internet is either hearsay or circumstantial. But I will bring up your dedication to disarming the American citizens, and having their phones tapped so that you can find “terrorist activities”.
    Your ploy is ********, and we all know it.

    So here is what I am offering: step down or fight. It would be rash and ridiculous of me to give you this ultimatum, but I do not care. Fight me, and let us settle this the way it used to be settled. Two men, disagreeing with each other, go to war. But this time, it isn’t for fuel, or for religion. It is for the future of this once-great nation that you have allowed to be run into the ground.
    You are a coward, and you are a fraud. If you had one iota of patriotism, you wouldn’t let the country be run by the capitalist pigs who send our brave men and women to a conflict that is disguised in freedom, mislabeled as war, and called patriotic. Where the veterans that return form combat get mistreated through smiles and estranged looks.

    So, with what I have just said, let it be known that in no way am I threatening you. I am just offering a different solution besides impeachment, where the winner takes official control of the country, to set it up as he sees fit.

    Tap out/black out rules, no groin shots. I also don’t necessarily like the idea of killing as much as you appear to have a wonton taste for it, so it is not a mortal combat. It is just you and I, and the winner is appointed the president.

    What say you, Mr. President? Are you up to accepting my challenge? Or will you have your men arrest me on charges of treason? It is totally up to you, but also be advised that I am making this viral.

    Sincerely, Roman Thompson

    -Yea, I sent that. if I go missing, you know why. but also, remember that in this lifetime, we are not accomplished by what we hope to achieve, but by what we are willing to go out and retrieve for ourselves, either by force, by guile, or by nature.-

    in all reality, ill prolly just get the "thank you for your message" response. it is what it is. hope for the best, expect the worst. never be disappointed. semper fidelis fellow patriots.


    lets see how this gets played out.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Ah.... How old is this Marine? Black out, tap out rules? Winner controls America?
    Are you serious?!

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    A non-lethal duel. Sounds like a winner to me.
    Of course, we already know that Oboyimanutjob doesn't have the cahonies to face any American one-on-one.
    "Beware the fury of a patient man." --John Dryden,
    British poet, critic and playwright

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    Opsspec: I don't know if you are trying to spoof us on this "letter" or not but, if you did indeed send it and used your real name, you could be in deep manure. The Pope will start an inquisition just to get even!
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