I hope there are some people from OHIO on site. You listened to him talk a good game as did we all and after he has slapped you and the rest of the Americans you just sit back and let him do his will - I should say the will of that garbage in the oval office. He and others who have turned away from conservative principles and insist on legislating an amnesty bill. Thus opening the door to boy wonder! Remember he said the amnesty bill sent by the senate will be "Dead on Arrival". Well so much for that B.S.. The ink on the bill sent by the senate wasn't even dry when he decided to have a closed session to legislate the house version. LAIR! He is almost worse than the 14 republicans, like Rubio, who gave the senate the doorway to hell and pass the senate version. All they had to do is not support it when the vote came around and that would have been the end of it! Boehner would not have to legislate anything. I know people are saying - wait until 2014 and we will vote them out! That is BULL. By that time the anointed one will get exactly what he wants - because we did not take it to the traitors to the American People. If we do not act now kiss you but good-bye. There is a process called "RECALL" that can rid ourselves of these worthless piles of pig waste. How is your economy OHIO? Low unemployment? HA! HA! Well when they grant amnesty to another 11 million more illegals -what say you then. Your tax dollars - providing you have a job will be paying everything for them. Of course you may be one of the 10's of thousands already on the government dole - so don't rock the boat. Americans are becoming weak except for their mouths talking about how they will not be bullied by the man. Like they used to say all show and no go! THAT IS US