Egyptís military strongman Gen. El-Sisi will run for president
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Thread: Egyptís military strongman Gen. El-Sisi will run for president

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    Egyptís military strongman Gen. El-Sisi will run for president

    Still not willing to give up their attempt to reinstate Morsi to power in Egypt, obama's hard working ass-kissing team, Chuck Hagel and Catherine Ashton, pleaded with Egypt's Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to release Morsi from detention.

    Unfazed by their emotional pleas, El-Sisi, who is already working on his campaign strategy, is keeping the Muslim Brotherhood at bay, but working on a 'deal' to allow them a very limited say in the process, under very tough restrictions. Apparently El-Sisi, like many others, also despises the obama administration.

    Hagel specifically pressed him to bring Muslim Brotherhood members into the interim government and give them free rein to run candidates for parliament in early 2014.

    El-Sisi told Hagel and Ashton that it was up to the Muslim Brotherhood to subscribe to his roadmap for the caretaker administration which is ruling the country until elections are held.

    He then floored the US defense secretary by announcing he was launching a lightning campaign for his own run for the presidency in an early election.

    Ohhh, what I would have given to be a fly on the wall!
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    Maybe, just maybe there is hope for Egypt yet.
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