New TSA task team.
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Thread: New TSA task team.

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    New TSA task team.

    Seen this on Communist News Network today. Ill paraphrase it being I cant find a news article online just yet, but Im sure if you check youll find it there, somewhere, although I couldnt find it.

    How would you like to see TSA agents posted at more than just the airport? According to CNN and a TSA spokesmen, you may see TSA at train, local bus stations and sports/concert venues. According to TSA spokesmen, its not a new program, but it is possible the next time you go to see your favorite music artist, you maybe greeted by the TSA Security Agents. Further more, the bigger issue I had was the TSA spokesmen stated they do NOT need a warrant to search you or anything you have in your possession, which is something regular Security Officers or Police Officers need unless it is posted on Private Property. I question the Constitutional violations TSA continues to place on every day citizens considering they ARE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. TSA spokesmen stated this program will be enacted to "throw off possible terrorist cells in the United States." Granted, terrorism is an everyday threat as we seen in the recent Boston bombing, but again, to my knowledge, it had nothing to do with Al Quida (sp) or any direct attack on "American Freedom or Way of Life" as much as it did with some sick individuals who were just looking to get their jollys off.

    I further question the usefulness and constitutionality of having TSA agents placed at any local concert venue in any state, TSA does however stand for Transportaion Securtiy Agency, what does a concert have to do with transportation? I dont have an answer to that, and since when did concert venues become a possible terrorist threat? I understand theyre "trained in bomb detection" and "anti terrorism" but these "Viper teams" will do nothing more than violate more and more constitutional rights of American citizens. Weve seen the innocent 90 year old woman being groped and to TSAs own admission, misconduct is up 26% in the past 3 years, misconduct is again, a fairly loose term, reports of theft of persons valuables, money and possible identity information.
    To me, this is just another reach of our Federal Government, and who knows, to see how many sheeple will fall in line and "accept what is." Maybe Im getting bent out of shape over nothing, but I hope Im not the only one here who sees a problem with Federal Agents of any kind performing more and more unconstituional acts such as unreasonable searches and seizures and misuse of federal funds and assets. I say keep them in places where they belong, title says alot, why not just call them Federal Security Agency instead of Transportation Security Agency, seems to be the roll theyre beginning to take?

    Anyway, your thoughts?
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    You know, there was a candidate in the last election that nobody knew about that had a plan I kind of liked. His name was T.J. O'Hara, and he ran as an independent because he refused to be beholden to any party politics. His idea was to help cut the defense budget by, say, bringing the troops home and stationing them here so they could protect our country. And then, get rid of TSA entirely and replace them with trained military personnel, at least for international airports. I haven't gotten to hear many reactions to that plan, but I like it. They tend to be polite (at least to the public! I was in the Navy ), thorough, and it takes a lot to scare them. Plus they'd rotate out every three years, so they wouldn't be so mad at the world for having such a thankless job. I'd much rather deal with that than a disgruntled TSA agent.

    And yes, I am also rather disturbed to see how the government seems to be chipping away at the constitution... it's like they're hoping if they go slowly enough they can get rid of it entirely.

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    And they still hire every misfit that applies, the ones that can't get a job with even mall security.

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