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    This is not right

    OK, I'm all for the gun rights of Americans. But this has nothing to do with Americans. I can only hope the House has more sense than the Senate does. And right now it's looking pretty iffy.

    There's Lead In The Amnesty Ointment

  3. Self-defense is a HUMAN right, not just a citizen's right; HOWEVER, the question should be moot because the Congress should NEVER pass a law to legitimize these people. The notion that "we have to do something" about the illegal aliens is nonsense (other than secure the border and deport as many as possible).

    By the way, I'm wondering if entering the country illegally, working illegally, using falsified documents and stolen SSNs add up to felony. By rights, these people should never be allowed to buy a gun even if they go home, get in line, get visas, and become citizens...because they should all be documented as having committed felonies, which act results in forfeiture of several rights including voting and keeping/bearing again, the original question SHOULD be moot. (Sadly, our politicians will continue to let us down.)

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    The Amnesty should never even get a chance to be voted on again. Kill it outright now. The Illegal Aliens are just felons (criminals) no matter how you cut the pie. they should all be subject to being deported and all their property and monies are forfeited. Goes toward cost of deporting them. Also any citizen that harbors them is also a felon and should lose their citizenship and belongings and sent back with whoever they aided. Plain and simple Enforce the laws on the books now and for get the new laws. Then let the military protect our borders as these people are technically invading america and should be treated accordingly.

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    I have never understood why our Army Reserve and our National Guard are not doing their Summer Camps on the boarder. I know they have been activated for a few years now but they need to rotate to the boarder, A Human Fence is a greater threat than steel. But... With Fast and furious weapons at the boarder some elements might just try our boys.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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