The Gun Control Playbook - Download it while you still can!!!
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Thread: The Gun Control Playbook - Download it while you still can!!!

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    The Gun Control Playbook - Download it while you still can!!!

    Here it is, the gun control playbook. The main talking points and strategies laid out for you, Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging, PREPARED BY: FRANK O’BRIEN | OMP, JOHN NEFFINGER AND MATTHEW KOHUT | KNP COMMUNICATIONS, AL QUINLAN | GREENBERG QUINLAN ROSNER RESEARCH.

    Of course, WE weren't intended to get our hands on this stuff. Use it wisely. And I already know that you are going to see misinformation almost from page 1. Remember, most of us here already disagree with it and can provide logical, fact-based, objective rebuttals; obviously, there are some ringers, shills, and trolls around who don't share our views. If you need a sounding board for arguments you find here, hopefully all of us having input on this thread can provide a brainstorming platform to help develop answers.

    Click on the link below, and you should be able to do a "Save As" to download the .pdf file:

    Here are a couple of excerpts just from the opening pages:

    Page 3


    1. Advocates for gun violence prevention win the logical debate, but lose on more emotional terms.
    2. There is an intensity gap that has built up over years. In the general public, those who view themselves as supporters of gun rights are more deeply committed to and emotionally invested in their position than those supporting stronger gun violence prevention measures.
    3. Generally speaking, people are unfamiliar with – and surprised to learn – how easy current laws make it to acquire guns and carry loaded weapons.
    4. There is wide personal experience with gun violence. 40% of respondents report that they or someone they know personally has been a victim of gun violence.


    1. Three key themes drive the most powerful arguments for gun violence prevention:
    ONE: The serious personal toll that gun violence takes on people’s lives.
    TW0: People’s right to be free from violence in their communities.
    THREE: The changing nature of weapons towards more powerful, military-style ones that make us less safe.
    2. The notion that today’s weapons are different in kind from what was available in the past is an especially powerful idea and helps make the case for new levels of concern and scrutiny around access to weapons."

    Page 5


    Police and other law enforcement officials have excellent standing with most Americans and are a crucial ally to gun violence prevention advocates. For most audiences, the testimony of police and other law enforcement officials is compelling and trustworthy.

    What’s more, the fact that policies advocated by the NRA put law enforcement officials at risk seriously weakens the NRA’s arguments.

    1. Alarming facts open the door to action. And powerful stories put feeling and emotional energy behind those facts.
    2. It’s not helpful to try to drown your audience in a flurry of facts and statistics. It is far more effective to zero in on a handful of simple facts that are both compelling and memorable.
    3. Here are some of the facts that met that test in the research:
    • There are no background checks or ID requirements in most states for private sales, including private sales at gun shows.
    • There are virtually no restrictions on the type of weapons available for purchase in America, including assault weapons and ammunition magazines that store up to 100 bullets and can shoot 20 rounds in 10 seconds.
    • Police and law enforcement officers are more at risk, due to the availability and power of new weapons.
    Reinforcing example: Police forces in places like Chicago and Miami are outfitting officers with assault weapons so that they aren’t outgunned by criminals.
    4. It’s not just about words. Powerful and emotionally-engaging images are vitally important reinforcers of strong messages. For example, intimidating images of military-style weapons help bring to life the point that we are dealing with a different situation than in earlier times."
    Remember, we have the objective data on our side from sources such as the FBI UCR and DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics. We also recognize that the beliefs of most police officers do not reflect those of their commanding officers in many cases, and that the book's reference to law enforcement also does not include most Sheriffs from across the country.

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    I sat down and read about thirteen pages of this and I have to say these guys are full of crap. It's a diagram of how to sway people's opinion and to brainwash the general public.

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