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    Howdy MI .45,

    Quote Originally Posted by MI .45 View Post
    Stengun placed "Started before Obama took Office" behind my points, and the "R's" were the principle initiators of the Security/Police State Complex. I find little argument with those points. Who is at fault is almost a moot point; "we the people" are in a terrible fix and Barack Obama is advancing even more stringent authoritarian government. His administration and policies are the one's we have to deal with now. The Bush administration initiated many of the seeds of the new oppression we are experiencing today but Obama is certainly advancing the cause at a geometric rate. For anyone to say, "well Bush started it", or 'Republicans were the instigators", or "......." is a red herring. If so many were adverse to G.W.'s initiatives why would a supposedly opposing party administration continue those policies if they themselves were not also in favor of them? If Bush was wrong, how can Obama's continuation somehow be right?

    History will sort out the rights and wrongs but we have to deal with the present reality, and now in this epoch, we are dealing with the imperiousness of Barack Obama!
    Simple. The "Man"'s plan is to enslave the People.

    For some unknown reason, most people on gun forums think the GOP are located somewhere between Jesus and God and that the Democratic Party is worst than Satan.

    This "group" has been conned on a grand scale.

    The "Man" meaning ALL political parties, (R), (D), (I), etc. would sell Our organs on eBay if they could get away with it.

    If anyone thinks that the "Man" has the common man ( if you're not worth $100,000,000.00 and are not part of the Old Money you're a common man and not part of the "Man"'s Elite group ) best interest at heart they are delusional.

    **** Cheney made a commit back in '04 or '05 about the US Servicemen and women that were injuried or killed in Iraq saying that they were poor and didn't have anything better to do with their lives. I wish I could find his exact statement but I haven't been able to find it ( didn't look too hard ) because at the time there was a big uproar over it.

    After leaving office Cheney stated that the average American should NOT be allowed to own a firearm and that privilege should be reserved for the elite.

    Change a law or policy that was implemented by a previous Admin or Congress? Ain't gonna happen. Kinda like losing your virginity....... once it's gone it's gone for good.

    Take ObamaCare for example:

    The (R) controlled House has voted like 40X's to repeal OC knowing fully well that the Senate would NOT vote to repeal it.

    Does the GOP really want OC repealed? Heck no. It's just a ploy so they can go back to their District and proclaim to a group of suckers, I mean voters, that they tried every thing they could possibly try to get it repealed.

    I'm just a simple hillbilly farmboy who didn't even have indoor plumbing until I left home at 17yo and joined the military and I can see and understand what's going on and it amazes me that so many people are conned, doped, suckered, hoodwinked, or whatever you want to call it by the "Man".

    Kind of like playing "3 card Monty". The hustler is always trying to get you to pick a certain card and guess what? It's always the wrong card. I was always pretty good at playing "3 card Monty" because I always ignored the card the "Man" wanted me to pick so I had a 50/50 chance of picking the right card.

    An old man said at it never the card you think it is. So, anytime someone tries really hard to convince someone else to focus on something, he's up to something.

    Why do you think a stage magician ALWAYS has a smokin' hot assistance in a skimpy outfit?

    "Look, nothing up my sleeve.......PRESTO!"

    I'm so Liberal that I work at the Bill and Hillary Clinton Regional Airport!

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    Stengun, you nailed it. It does not matter if there is a R or D after their name, they have been taking turns violating us from different angles for years. "We the People" are the only one`s that can change this, but since most of "We the People" do not have a clue, or worse do not care, hang on for a ruff ride to "Hell".
    Even though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no Evil, for YOU are with me; Remington 44 Mag:

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    Unseating Santa Clause won't be easy. Keep in mind the very people running for re-election are the same people creating this mess. Now how ever they know how to fix things. R or D makes little difference. What me worry?
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Hi Stengun,

    I don't know of, nor can I find the Cheney quotes... but he is certainly no choirboy, and is an International Statist for sure.
    I essentially agree with all of you points, especially your analysis on ObamaCare (and most oppositional politics)... it's all Kabuki theatre.
    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” – Aldous Huxley

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