Immigrants - illegal or otherwise
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Thread: Immigrants - illegal or otherwise

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    Immigrants - illegal or otherwise

    I've seen a lot of negativity here and on other forums regarding the problem of people wanting to immigrate to USA. I wonder if this guy has a good point.

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    Never once did I here Robert Reich, liberal democrat, mention the word illegal. He did continue to say immigration is a good thing and it is. I don't know of anyone against immigration. We have always have had a legal process for immigration. The real issue is illegal immigration which he completely avoided. All immigration reform is addressing is illegal immigration. Two completely separate issues. Immigration reform to people like Robert Reich means more democrat voters period. Legal immigration on the other hand doesn't necessarily mean democrat voters. These are separate issues don't mix them up.
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    I know many who came from other countries. They came here the lawful way and have became good citizens. I also understand why people would do whatever they can to get into this country. I would want to get into this country if I lived in a cesspool of some of these countries. But any country MUST secure their borders to protect against being over run. Immigration has been very good for this country. People from all over the world have enriched our culture with some of their culture. For example the Irish brought St Patrick's Day and on March 17th it seems EVERYBODY is Irish.

    I want people to come into this country as long as it is done legally. I also want them to become AMERICANS!! I do not want them to try to change this country into what they fled from.

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    From what I've seen around me, the ones who came here legally make much better immigrants than those that didn't. Maybe it's because they have more of a stake in this country. Most of them have learned English, raised their children with respect, make good neighbors, and are an asset to the community. The ones that came here illegally, fail in almost every one of these aspects. They belong to gangs, respect absolutely nothing and nobody, have an entitlement mentality, and are mostly getting government handouts of one kind or another.
    In other parts of the state or country, it might be different. I'm not talking about other places, I'm talking about where I live.
    If all the illegals that just want to work would work on making their own country better, neither one of us would have a problem.

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    This country needs immigrants, legal ones. This is indeed a unusual country where doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and computer programmers, etc. are discouraged from immigrating. This country would rather accept uneducated peasants, drug dealers, human parasites, and those with terroristic tendencies who hate this country. The least that we should require are those interested in hard work and real self improvement. If you consider the above statement to be heartless think of the hard working people of in this country. We are all getting tired of supporting the never ending flood of parasitic slugs, both of foreign and domestic origin.

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