Hilarious Interview. Debating a Gun Control Advocate
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Thread: Hilarious Interview. Debating a Gun Control Advocate

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    Hilarious Interview. Debating a Gun Control Advocate

    This is a funny interview. Let me paraphrase.

    Liberal loon: Other countries are safer because there are no guns.

    Gucciardi: But violent crime is way up in those countries.

    Liberal loon: But guns account for 40,000 homicides.

    Gucciardi: Nope. Not as many. What about knives.

    Liberal loon: Ban them.

    Gucciardi: Well what if I broke a beer bottle and turned it into a weapon.

    Liberal loon: Okay, ban those.

    Gucciardi: Well what about kitchen forks.

    Liberal loon: We need a whole government agency to come up with a better fork.

    Hilarious Interview. Debating a Gun Control Advocate
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    Recently there was a thread about the violence in England, and a proposed ban on knives, you might have even posted the thread. Do these people ever think about what they are saying. As pointed out in the video we would have to ban hands and feet, then sticks and stones. The guy did finally say we need to teach everyone love and respect (I wish we could), but that is impossible. The only ban that I could see working, is to ban all evil people. I know that will never happen. I can not remember where it happened, NC or GA, where that baby was shot in head in a stroller, the shooter is going to trial now, and the defense is saying "it was the babies mother fault. We need to ban this insanity.
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