By: Buck Masters

Look no further than across the pond to see what tolerance toward an evil, cruel, bloodthirsty, imperialistic cult will get you. In looking at England we are seeing our future if our politicians don't grow a pair and stop this cancer.

Sadly, we are barreling headlong in the wrong direction. Our leaders won't call radical Izlame what it is. They won't call the War on Terror what it really is. They claim al Qaeda has been severely weakened. US Courts are beginning to recognize Sharia Law. A Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, is a Mooselimb sympathizer. They call terrorist attacks "workplace violence". They want to try terrorists in civilian courts. Our president is the grandson of a Mooselimb freedom fighter who was jailed by the colonial British. All of his actions as president clearly show his distain for western colonialism. Examples: His apology tour. Backing the removal of western friend and peace stabilizer, Hosni Mubarak, in favor of supporting Muhammed Morsi, and the Mooselimb Brotherhood in Egypt. Supplying them with our tax money, and our tanks and jets. Calling this evil shift in winds "Arab Spring", when there is nothing new nor fresh in returning to the evil Dark Ages.

It's all there folks. The stars are aligned. We are ripe for the pickings. Look no further than Dearborn Michigan to see where the cancer is firmly entrenched in our nation. Unless drastic measures are taken, we will be England or worse, in 20 years or less.

Is this what you Liberals really want? In your dancing with the devil, and your ever present "political correctness"; it is YOU that will be crying the loudest. How do you think your precious women's rights, gays rights, and rehabilitation of criminals will be received by Sharia Law? You will be wingless moths that have flown too close to the flame; and again, you will look to blame someone or something else for your ideology. Let me clue you in on something: as evil as you are, you can't hold a candle to the evil that is Izbomb. Radical Izlamic cancer is much more malignant than the cancer that is your Liberalism. Yet you are both nation destroyers.