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Thread: "The Five Pillars of Islam" being taught in Public School's

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    Can't "like" on my dumb iPhone, but yes OG, if they can't give equal air to all, it should be for none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    Dad: Neither of us put anything into the school to be taught. That was slipped in on us all. Yes, I will agree, if one religion can't be discussed, none should. If, however, we see something put into the system that isn't right, it is incumbent on us all do do something. I'm trying, how about you?
    By preaching to the choir? That's not really trying...

    I'm in complete agreement that religion must be left out of the education system, yet you're trying to argue with me and attempted to take the moral high ground with that last post...I think you object to my religion, not the content of my post.

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    Dad: Old son, it seems that you want to be argumentative about everything. I have not tried to take the moral high ground as you said but just made a statement. I told you once before, if you are satisfied with your religion, I'm tickled pink. I do object to anything about Islam being taught in schools and, if that gives you heartburn, you can find Alka Seltzer in any grocery or drug store. I would rather not get into religion with you since we know where we each stand and there can not be any constructive dialog there. Consequently, let's move on to another subject away from religion.

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