Police Harass impeach Obama protesters
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Thread: Police Harass impeach Obama protesters

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    Police Harass impeach Obama protesters

    New video on shows two peaceful men, one wearing an Infowars Tyranny Response Team shirt and the other wearing a Gadsden flag shirt, being arrested for not leaving a public area during their "Impeach Obama" rally. Unbelievable chilling of free speech that could set a precedent for police across the country.

    » Mo. Police Tackle and Arrest Peaceful ?Impeach Obama? Protestors Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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    Purely speculation on my part... if these demonstrators were protesting say, global warming, in the exact same place and in the same way, would there have been a police presence?
    And, a "badge" is the law as one of the officers implied? Don't think so, at least in a free state but the cops seem to be enforcing either their own rules or the directives of others which by definition is oppression. Another quote is, “As long as you’re obedient and compliant with us, we’re fine.” That quote certainly smacks of authoritarianism and comes forth so easily from the police these days when dealing with very minor matters.
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