"Your Peasant Children 'Shall Kneel' Before Us" -School Staff-
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Thread: "Your Peasant Children 'Shall Kneel' Before Us" -School Staff-

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    Exclamation "Your Peasant Children 'Shall Kneel' Before Us" -School Staff-

    A supposed 'safety measure' mandating students at a California elementary school to kneel before administrators in order to be dismissed will eventually be stopped, libtarded school district officials grudgingly said this week.
    The move comes after a very concerned parent circulated flyers to the other parents alerting them that their children are “being forced to stop and kneel down before the principal and administration staff” until they are excused to “return to class from lunch and recess,” according to KCAL-TV.

    School Will No Longer Require Students to Kneel Down Before Principal ?Like a King? For Dismissal | TheBlaze.com

    Let the "fundamental transformation of America" begin! Bow to your King/Leader's you sheeple minded peasants!!
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    If that happened to my kids at their school it would not only be stopped I'd want his job.kids should feel safe at school! Wouldn't that be a form bullying.

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    SMFH! I am not even sure how to respond to this. I can not say, for fear of my own freedom what they should do to the principal. Don`t worry, be happy, because tomorrow will bring something even worse.
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    Sitting down would be one thing I suppose but my kidds would be out of that school the first time I heard about it .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Bristol View Post
    Don`t worry, be happy, because tomorrow will bring something even worse.
    Unfortunately you are probably right. Just when I think it can not get any worse the lib-o-rats reach a new low.

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    I find this difficult to believe; but this kind of attitude is not atypical for progressives. If it's true it needs to be ended quickly. There should be an element of respect for adults and teachers but this behavior is obscene. We also have a bunch of amoral thugs occupying our Whitehouse who think they should be treated as "divine right" monarchs. For Obama even that may not be adequate. This a$$ seems to have a God Complex.

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    It's one thing to be taught respect for others. It's totally something else to be treated like a slave to them. I DO know that it's a good thing that my kids are out of school. I'm afraid I'd be making some enemies the first day of school. I'd like to see a lot more parents home schooling their kids. I'm sure a lot more are considering it or wishing they could do it.
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