Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egyptís Muslim Brotherhood?
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Thread: Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egyptís Muslim Brotherhood?

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    Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egyptís Muslim Brotherhood?

    Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egyptís Muslim Brotherhood?
    We have known he was the enemy within: has the Egyptian Military found the proof we need? ~jg

    By Walid Shoebat
    Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood? | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
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    He!! we paid Saddam a fortune. Same with Noriega and other petty dictators. For some reason we think we can buy friends internationally. OF course Russia used to (and is beginning to resume) do the same thing. It must be some inside the Washington beltway kind of thinking. Like a highly localized fungus or something. Nobody outside Washington thinks it makes any sense (They are aware of history) but those inside think they are smarter. They think we are the fools. Of course we can see all the friends we have purchased in the middle east, Uh, raise of hands please all our good friends. Hello, anyone listening? C'mon, please raise your hands. Egypt, Libya? Any freaking body?
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    The only friend we had was Israel. Note I said " had " as 0bama and company have done their best to insult them. Back in the 60s there were many more who were friendly towards us. It actually was safe to drive from Turkey to Jordan and back.
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