Glen Beck Talks about US attacking Syria
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Thread: Glen Beck Talks about US attacking Syria

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    Glen Beck Talks about US attacking Syria

    More countries have told the US to not do anything in Syria..."mind your own business" they said. Russia and China.....hussein....I think I speak for MANY of us...Do NOT do this. We do not want YOUR war of convenience you are manufacturing to shift the focus off your lying, spying, race baiting ways!! The blood of our Military should not flow on the ground in Syria just because your ass got caught red-handed!!
    ?We Don?t Survive?: Glenn Beck Breaks Down Possible Ramifications of U.S. Entering War in Syria |
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  3. we should not be aiding the MBH. And guess where the WMD from Iraq went...

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    We really need to stay out of Syria. Both sides in this conflict are really evil people. Assad is supported by Russia and Iran who would like to destroy us and all of Western Civilization. The rebels are the people who we helped once before against Russia in the Afghan conflict; the same who brought us 911. These are the nice people who filmed themselves removing and eating the heart of a Syria soldier. Would we benefit if either group was in power?.

    And just as a little side point for our future; there is a place called Megiddo on the border between Israel and Syria. This is an 4000 year old town surrounded the plains of Megiddo also called Armageddon. This doesn't really portend a great future for the future for the West.

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    What bothers me most about this is that they (Biden, I believe) says that there is no doubt that Assad used the nerve gas. Well, it seems like there IS a lot of doubt about who did it. A lot of people claim it was the rebels that used it.
    A diversion from something else maybe and if so, what now?
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