Where are we 50 years later?
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Thread: Where are we 50 years later?

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    Where are we 50 years later?

    I watched the speeches coming out of Washington D.C., and I see something is missing, a understanding of what MLK said. I was 14 years old when MLK made his speech, and I think I understood it better than the speaker talking today, trying to honor MLK. I also see missing, are the words of some great Americans like, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Mia Love, Elbert Lee Guillory, Herman Cain, Artur Davis, Tim Scott, Crystal Wright, Chelsi Henry, T.W. Shannon, and E.T. Williams to name a few. The race baiters speaking today label these fine, hard working, responsible, and common sense Americans as "Uncle Toms". It would be nice if MLK could be resurrected, to set the record straight. Below are some links that Obama, and his fellow haters do not want to hear about. Google Black conservatives if you would like to see more.

    Conservative blacks irritated with liberal flavor of MLK march anniversary - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
    11 Black Conservatives Speaking At CPAC 2013
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    " To be judged by one's character not by the color of their skin" Guess most has forgotten about this line. (Posting as a Caucasian)
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    The Rev King would be thrilled to see the progress! The crap he was fighting have been banned. The only source of disappointment for him would be the activities of Al Sharpon, Jesse Jackson jr., our president and others that are using race to tear our country apart.
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