Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers
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Thread: Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers

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    Cool Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers

    COLORADO SPRINGS While most Americans will be chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' this Labor Day weekend, dedicated patriots in Colorado are hard at work preparing for a groundbreaking special election day with nationwide repercussions. George Washington would be proud.

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    Go Colorado GO!!!!!!!


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    Good luck CO.
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  4. A ballot box isn't the only means of removing someone from office... but I pray it never comes to the alternative anywhere in this great nation. Let's all hope these guys get tossed out on their hineys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Good luck CO.
    Good Luck from me too.

    An Ex-Coloradoan,

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