California Appropriations Committee Results Out Today
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Thread: California Appropriations Committee Results Out Today

  1. California Appropriations Committee Results Out Today

    California appropriations committee results:

    SB-53 Ammunition/Permits. passed
    SB-38 Firearms: prohibited persons. - HOLD
    SB-293 Firearms: owner-authorized handguns. - HOLD
    SB-374 Firearms: assault weapons. passed
    SB-567 Firearms: shotguns. passed
    SB-683 Firearms: firearm safety certificate. passed
    SB-755 Firearms: prohibited persons. passed

    Still awaiting news on SB47
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    SB 47 didn't make it past Assembly Appropriations Committee. However, I'd keep an eye on it. They could try to move it along in a last-ditch effort still.

    I've been actively tracking about 70 of the over 100 gun control bills that have been moving through the California Legislature for months.

    You can too - the link is here: Bill Text -

    Basically my tactic has been to write my State Assemblymember, State Senator repeatedly on each bill (it's a lot of writing since there are around 70 bills I've focused on, and about 25 or so that are really horrible -- but they are all bad) and also, to write all of the Committee members a detailed message regarding each bill at least a few days before they meet on each one.
    None of them are listening to me of course, but that doesn't mean I have stopped writing.
    Their tactic is to push as many bills into the system as possible in hopes they'll get as much passed as possible due to that the California legislature is trying to put state laws between us and the 2nd Amendment right. It used to be OK to be in California, what we had to deal with was mostly a little additional paperwork, and the magazine issue - but the stuff they are pushing now is way beyond the pale of anything any gun owner would want to imagine living with.

    So the general consensus is, since the Legislators (Assemblymembers / Senators) aren't listening to the people, just focus on writing the Governor detailed messages on each bill and ask him to veto each one.

    This is the Governor's website for contacting him: Office of Governor Jerry Brown - Contact

    If you don't have the hours to burn like I did to write the Governor detailed messages again and again urging vetoes with individualized messages specific to each bill for all of the 70-plus gun control bills, with all of your elaborate reasoning describing exactly why he should veto this one, and another message explaining why he should veto that one, and another message explaining why he should veto that one, ad nauseaum for 70 different items (I admit this has taken me a long time to do but I thought it was worth my time, because... the 2nd Amendment!) then, if you are like a lot of people, short on time, just go here:
    fill out this form and hit submit and you're good to go. -->
    That will auto-send the California Governor something from you asking him to veto (not all of the 70-plus bad bills, but it focuses on the worst ones).

    Thanks for taking action to defend the 2nd Amendment. Do this every day of this week if you can. Remember, stuff that happens in California often is used to create models for the rest of the country.... so don't just sit back and think "oh, stupid California. Glad I don't live there." Because soon it may be happening to you too.
    Take action. Write.


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