What does everybody think; is Obama covering his A$$
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Thread: What does everybody think; is Obama covering his A$$

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    What does everybody think; is Obama covering his A$$

    What does everybody think; is Obama covering his a$$ by saying that he will NOW request the permission Congress to debate and vote on whether to send military forces over to Syria?

    This is Obama realizing that he’s opened his big fing pie hole in talking about a big red line before he though it completely through as to the repercussions America will face if our military act on his orders.

    I myself am glad that this is the action, that he is finally taking, which is what he should have done in the very first place. He is not a king and I really get tired of him saying, “I’ve made a decision”, “I’ve done that”, “I’m going to etc, etc, etc”. There’s an old adage that really applies here, “there’s no I in team”.

    This is exactly why we have the three separate branches of government, to counter the other two and allow the voices of the American public have a say into what our so called representatives do in our behalf.

    I just hope and pray that those so called representatives in Washington use the very same insight that the British parliament did last week and say not only no, but hell no, to Obamas plans to attack Assad’s military forces in Syria, because even to this day no one can say beyond a doubt, who actually set off these chemical weapons.

    Sure it’s pretty safe to say something happened, but beyond that everything’s just conjecture and speculation.
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    Obama needs someone to blame when his battle plan fails. This should be handled by the UN. This is the very reason the UN exists in the first place, too keep peace in the world. They are the worlds police, not the United States. I'm real tired of pumping big bucks in the UN and then end up doing their job. The UN needs to either ***** or get off the pot! Bush got ripped for going into Iraq, even after he got Congressional approval as well as a coalition of other countries and the NATO. Obama has nothing and the liberals are swooning all over him for being such a wise leader. Obama has painted himself into a corner, why should we be expected to bail him out?
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    Of course he is covering his ass. What Congress needs to do is put any permission into legislation that ties his hands on everything he wants to do in the next 3 years. No more executive decisions. No more czars. No more of all this crap. He wants permission on this, he needs to ask permission on everything. Does not like it? Screw him. Make sure it is well known that he got us into this with his narcissistic idiocy and it is up to him to get us out. If Congress is going to bail him out of his stupidity the darn well better demand IN LEGISLATION something that ties his hands and keeps him from becoming the king that he wants to be.

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    He realizes that he got himself into a bad situation with the redline crap and he is looking for a way out. I think he hopes that congress will not let him go to war. How he ever got to be top dog is beyond me. The only things he is good at is raising money and campaigning. One other thing he likes to ride on airforce one.

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    Obama has succeeded in making the United States look like a bunch of retards. We're completely discredited. Partly because Obama wanted to strike despite there being no evidence indicating that he should, and then partly because we postured and thumped our chest about going ahead anyway and then backing down. We smell like North Korea now.

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    What does everybody think; is Obama covering his A$$

    I miss Reagan. Remember Kadafi...

    He sent a message, and it was received.....

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    The line in the sand was enough of a warning. For HIM to wait until 9/9 when congress gets back, is akin to kicking your dog in the behind 3 weeks after he takes a dump on the living room floor.
    I feel for the citizens that got killed, but they didn't kill any of us, yet. Give them all the aid they need & let THEM fight it out. We have more problems here at home than we can handle. We don't need to be the police over there.
    War in the Middle East is nothing new. Been going on for centuries, this action will make NO difference. We need to shut down the WAR MACHINE & concentrate on the issues we have here.

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    The U.S has now become ridiculous both here and abroad. I am against any action in Syria but our President has made this country into a bad joke. His ineffectual dithering is absolutely disgraceful.

    When Bush was in office our enemies hated us; and what is even more effective they feared us. Obama has achieved something exceptional. Not only do our enemies hate us, but our friends also hate us. And what is more dangerous they're all laughing at us. Our traditional allies no longer trust us or our words. He has so degraded our military that we may be incapable meaningful action while engaged in other world trouble spots.

    Obama has now made the U.S. into a secondary and ineffectual power, militarily. And economically we are approaching third world status. I would like congratulate Obama and all the idiot voters who elected him. They have done what all our enemies have always found to be impossible. They have degraded us militarily and economically to the point where this country no longer is the most dominate force in the world. The really bad joke in the Whitehouse has again set us up be a victim of terrorism.

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