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I see you just removed your insult about tricolordad. The "tricolor raghead" comment got you reported to Luke. Cypher, having shared some very private and difficult experiences via PM with tricolordad... I take offense to that comment, too. You have no friggin' clue what someone you refer to as a "raghead" has done in your name overseas.

At the risk of being banned... you're an @sshole, Cypher.
I missed seeing the racist comment, but glad to see that it was reported. Tricolordad and I have had our differences, and probably would still be having them if I didn't have him on ignore, but sinking to the level of cheap-shot racial comments is something I would never even be tempted to do, and I really don't think TCD would either. I would suggest that Luke check IP addresses for Treo and Cypher too. Signing up under more than one nick is also against the rules.

6. Accounts – You are only allowed one account. If your account is suspended or deleted you are not allowed to create another account. If multiple accounts are discovered they will be deleted!
I freely admit that I could be mistaken about it, but IP addresses don't lie. I would take Luke's word for it over "Cypher's," that much is for sure.

*Edited out last paragraph. Did a little searching on my own and found the answers I was looking for, so nevermind.