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Thread: Kerry today on the various morning talk shows

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    Is it really a surprise to anyone that Kerry is again lying; or is it more correctly still lying? Politicians lie. It's one of the qualifications needed to run for office. An honest politician is either a rarity or the term itself is an oxymoron. The feckless foreign policy of an incompetant administration is about to get us into another war where the U. S. has absolutely no national interest. I can understand war for oil but not simply to justify the policies of the idiot in the Whitehouse. I am definitely not a pacifist and believe that there many principles worth fighting for. But I don't think that saving the lives of Muslim terrorists is a good reason; and thIs is exactly who the Syrian rebel leaders are.

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    This is insanity. What am I missing? Our leaders that support this action should have to do the fighting. Quit sending others to do their fighting. I have watched most of the hearings, and have not seen one real reason to get involved, nothing in the Constitution to justify this, or any real moral obligation that requires we get involved. Where the hell is an asteroid to fall on D.C. when we need it? With the actions of our leaders, how can we expect God to bless America? God is on our side? I can not see how he would support this, kill to stop killing. Reverend Wright might have it correct, "God Damn America".
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