We Are Not the World’s Policemen, Nor Judge, Jury and Executioner
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Thread: We Are Not the World’s Policemen, Nor Judge, Jury and Executioner

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    We Are Not the World’s Policemen, Nor Judge, Jury and Executioner

    We Are Not the World’s Policemen, Nor Judge, Jury and Executioner
    by BMartin1776

    “Well first it’s not our responsibility. Secondly whatever we do won’t actually accomplish anything useful. Third it’s expensive and forth it’s dangerous.”
    OMG hell must be freezing over because I’m finding myself in total agreement with Alan Grayson AND he even got under MSNBC’s Alex Witt’s skin! Normally Ogre is running his mouth blaming republicans for the damage done to the nation the democrats are also responsible for. You can see the agitation by Witt trying to get Grayson to agree on anything in favor of an attack, it was very entertaining to watch.

    The congressman slammed dunked Alex Witt explaining his position is that of the majority of Americans and will continue to grow. Witt probably assumed he would be in agreement with the regime and it’s propaganda network instead he spoke the way an elected official is supposed to speak putting America first saying “we have our own problems to deal with and we’re not the world’s policeman, nor the world’s judge jury and executioner!”

    Grayson held his ground during the entire segment that regardless of what’s reported there is no cause for the US to get involved even knowing that chemical weapons were used.

    We don’t know who used the weapons and even if we did there is no threat to America. So sorry Mr Soetoro under the War Powers Act you have nothing to stand on. I can’t believe I’m saying this but let’s give libs like Grayson the support he needs to stop obama from launching a retaliatory attack in Syria. You can sign Grayson’s petition @DontAttackSyria.com


    AWESOME! Rep Grayson Blasts Syria Rhetoric: We Are Not the World?s Policemen, Nor Judge, Jury and Executioner | Saving the Republic: Video News & Opinion
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
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    In this case a Democrat makes sense, while many Republicans want to make America the bully of the world. Egypt and Syria, our enemies killing our enemies, and they want us to get involved. Afghanistan and Iraq, we replaced leaders that were our enemies, with leaders that are our enemies. Would you want to move to either of these places, fixed by the U.S.A. Let Allah or the UN police Syria and Egypt.
    Even though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no Evil, for YOU are with me; Remington 44 Mag:

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    America's time as the worlds policeman has definitely passed. The administration is busily trying to inject the nation into another place where we are not wanted, not respected, especially not now, and have no national interests. The only "ally" we have in the entire region is Israel, and we are putting them in a worse position then they were in previously. Every other nation in the region either wants something from us or wants something to happen to us. Every once in a while, I think the Swiss have the right idea, heavily armed neutrality.

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