What happens when Obama’s limited proportional attack in Syria back fires
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Thread: What happens when Obama’s limited proportional attack in Syria back fires

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    What happens when Obama’s limited proportional attack in Syria back fires

    What happens when Obama’s limited proportional attack in Syria back fires and because he ordered sending missiles into Syria other nations who support Syria sends missiles back at us?
    Will Obama stop everything before WW3 starts or will he most likely say “we have to counter these unprovoked attacks against our American forces”, either way there is no positive outcome from Obama engaging the Assad regime, we are looking at a no win situation here and it will be all Obamas fault.
    Once we are attacked because of what Obama has done, his statement “we will not have boots on the ground” because he can’t guarantee that at all, once we start down that slippery slope of, I shoot you then you shoot me, all hands will be off Obamas so called limited proportional attack in Syria.
    Just look what happened in Vietnam for an example of that slippery slope’s outcome, first we sent in advisors, then we sent in troops to protect the advisors, then we sent in additional troops because our troops that were sent there to protect the advisors were being killed, once you start down this road it’s hard to backup before it’s too late.
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    If obummer sports a blue turban then Nostradamus was correct...
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    He can BLAME the GOP. McCain and Boehner gave him bad advise.
    He can blame not enough ME TIME, he needs more lavish vacations and Golf to think straight.
    He can blame his tablet, During crisis briefing he was too wound up in his Solitaire.
    He can blame, Hilary (What difference does it make)
    He can blame George W Bush. (It's worked before?)

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    You can be assured the low information voters and the main stream media will again give Obama a pass. Nothing sticks to this guy.
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    Ignorance and greed are fatal to a republic. And the low information (stupid and ignorant) voters have given us the most incompetent, duplicitous, and destructive person to ever occupy the Whitehouse.His economic policy, incorporating the best progressive ideas, has been a disaster for this country. His foreign policy has replaced the reasonably stable, but evil, dictators in Egypt and Libya with chaos and the Moslem Brotherhood. There are no good choices in Syria; and we're about to step into the middle of a brutal civil war. Obama's foreign policy has managed to turn an unstable violent middle east into complete chaos and perhaps, a confrontation with Russia.

  7. Certainly Barry's idea to get Congress involved will shield him from any and all blame? Of course it will! He will then vilify Congress for committing atrocities of war, should things go South, and I don't know anywhere else this is headed.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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