Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing.
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Thread: Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing.

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    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing.

    I am watching C-Span, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing. A room filled with war mongers, aggressors, power hungry buffoons, control freaks, and know it all`s. Senator Menendez, the first one to speak, said the audience was welcome to observe, but do not speak. I guess they do not care what we think. We should shut up or go home, they know best, "NO THEY DON`T!" We have to get involved because they are using gas, a weapon of mass destruction. Are they telling me a missile is not a weapon of mass destruction? Gas is an assault on humanity, but a missile is not an assault on humanity. Woman and children are being killed. In Syria, both sides would use woman and children as a shield. Both side would strap a bomb to a family member for the cause. America, until after WWII took a neutral with power stance. We defended America. Now we are on the offense, using flawed or fake intelligence, to justify our aggressive actions. Our leaders are so worried about the children of Syria, yet they are burying our children alive in debt. Our leaders ignoring America`s problems that they can`t or won`t address, to go half way around the world to get into a battle of our enemies fighting our enemies. If America or an ally is attacked, that is a different story, then we go in and destroy our enemies. Destroy them, not play games like we did in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.
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    I don't believe that it's clear who did the gassing. The rebel over ran the stock pile of chemical weapons last year. So they have had an opportunity to get the gas. I do not think the rebels would have missed that opportunity. Assad has been kicking the crap out of the rebels so what does he have to gain by "crossing the red line"? But the rebels would have a lot to gain if they could gas their own people and frame Assad. Then obummer and his minions get involved and help them beat Assad. There is an article in Global Research that questions the whole thing. It may not be right but it does cause one to pause and ask, "What if this could be true?"

    Here is the link.

    Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack? | Global Research

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