Folks, I know there are multiple Syria threads running right now, but I felt this was critical enough to deserve its own thread. This video was obtained by the NY Times BACK IN APRIL.

These are the Syrian rebels that many in the government want us to support instead of the Assad regime, executing captured enemy soldiers. The bodies of the soldiers, each shot MULTIPLE times, were thrown into what appears to be an abandoned well or cistern.

The video is not for the squeamish.

We do not execute captured soldiers, yet our politicians say we must support those who do. We do not launch chemical attacks on our citizens, yet there is evidence that BOTH SIDES of this conflict have done that.

We cannot support the Assad regime, but we can also not support the rebels. There is no way we can get involved in this civil war on either side without supporting the avowed enemies of our country, each side fighting for its own brand of islam. WE NEED TO STAY OUT OF THIS CONFLICT.

The US has no substantial interests in Syria that make it necessary to risk US lives and resources. Tell your legislators and tie up the White House switchboard to let Obama know that we do not support involvement in Syria.