Where does Bloomberg find them?
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Thread: Where does Bloomberg find them?

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    Where does Bloomberg find them?

    Bloomberg: "Libertarians are the New Communists" - Liberty Crier
    Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu wrote an absurd piece in Bloomberg called “Libertarians are the New Communists.” You might wonder how people get paid to write such ridiculous articles. But then you realize that someone actually gets paid to bomb foreigners, steal en masse from the world via the monetary system, and regulate voluntary business out of the market. Perhaps it is just the evil world in which we live. Regardless, one still wonders if the authors of the Bloomberg piece actually believe in the claims that they make.
    The original article cited below;
    Libertarians Are the New Communists - Bloomberg
    Most people would consider radical libertarianism and communism polar opposites: The first glorifies personal freedom. The second would obliterate it. Yet the ideologies are simply mirror images. Both attempt to answer the same questions, and fail to do so in similar ways. Where communism was adopted, the result was misery, poverty and tyranny. If extremist libertarians ever translated their beliefs into policy, it would lead to the same kinds of catastrophe.
    Political hacks under the guise of the 1st Amendment will say and/or criticize anyone to stir the pot, muddy the waters, however you want to put it. But this assimilation is total absurd and just plain stupid, however by Bloomberg giving them a platform for their ilk he is trying to lend credence to their public babblings.
    He will continue to attack any who will not bend to his will and/or this thinking.
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    Liberals today are the aristocrats of yesteryear. They have theirs and they don't want you to get yours. They will go to any lengths to keep us indentured servants and slaves to them. The uninformed and low information votes believe when they are told they can't survive without the help and guidance from liberal elites. This is how they stay in power.
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    I think they got "Libertarians" mixed up with "Liberals." Perhaps there will be a correction printed later. I"ll let them know of their error. (LOL)
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