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    Wow that's just sad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogshawred View Post
    Read the entire Washington Post article and you will understand much better what happened to Coleman.
    Yeah he failed to pay his $134 property tax bill but it had grown to a total liability of $4999 and the lien had been sold by the OTR (DC Office of Tax and Revenue) to predatory collection system companies that charged home owners with attorney fees and other charges that literally exploded what they owed into amounts unmanageable. Allowing them to force homeowners to make repayment deals on homes they had owned outright for decades or force the sale of the property and because of the law allow them to keep the equity built up that far exceeded the amount owed.
    On to of all that Coleman was suffering from dementia and was not able to understand well enough to fight back.
    OK, that makes it a little easier to understand how it happened. But that doesn't make it any more acceptable. And I still believe he could have gotten enough help to save his house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimTh View Post
    Washington DC is a "federal city" and thus comes under federal jurisdiction. If you commit a crime in DC it is a federal crime and you go to a federal prison. This is probably the reason Federal Marshal Service performed the eviction. DC does not have a "Sheriffs Department" that you would find in most states.
    That's a plausible argument. Thanks JimTh
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