Selling War With Syria Based on Lies
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Thread: Selling War With Syria Based on Lies

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    Selling War With Syria Based on Lies

    Selling War With Syria Based on Lies
    War with Syria…and lobbing Cruise missiles into another country’s sovereign territory is indeed war…is NOT in America’s best interest, yet Obama calculatingly went to Congress to get approval to wage war…or did he? It’s more likely Obama went to Congress to line up his scapegoat for when the situation in Syria goes completely south. Lady Patriot Diane Sori reveals who is behind Obama’s hunger for war in the Middle East.
    Selling war based on lies | Lady Patriots
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    I know why we (TPTB) want war in Syria... Power and Money.
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    Bottom Line --- If War Incorporated wants us to go to war, then we're going to war --- no matter what you and I think, say or do.
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    Obama has his full sales staff out, trying to sell war, with lies and BS. Sorry Mr. Obama, I am not buying any of it, thank you, NO! Obama go play some golf, while McCain plays video poker, and stop destroying this Country! It is all a distraction from the real problems Americans are faced with.
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