Ohio Gov. asking people on Welfare & food stamps participate in a 20 hour work week
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Thread: Ohio Gov. asking people on Welfare & food stamps participate in a 20 hour work week

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    Ohio Gov. asking people on Welfare & food stamps participate in a 20 hour work week

    I understand that the Governor of Ohio is asking for a requirement for anyone who is on welfare or food stamps participate in a 20 hour work week to compensate for these programs. There is a twofold positive outcome concerning this;
    1. When they are working this 20 hour a week job, the job could lead to a full time job and they would be off these programs.
    2. Even if itís job where they cleanup and get rid of trash and eye sores in their neighborhoods, the end result will be better looking neighborhoods and that the housing market will improve for everybody who lives there.
    The main reason it has got to this is, Obama canceled the job requirement for welfare and food stamp recipients last year, and all he got was everybody on these programs would just sit around and wait for their monthly check to come in the mail and the people who were working would think, why should I work my ass off when Joe blow next door is getting this money while just sitting around, so why donít I file for some of their programs and get laid off from my job.
    Itís a never ending cycle of generational welfare exploitation.
    Hope this not only works out for Ohio, but itís something that every other state could do.
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    It's about time all the states did something like this. Some states have finally started doing mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients, but they should all be doing that too.
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    The food stamp program is Federal so I'm not sure if he can require them to do anything to receive food stamps.

    At the same time I do not agree with a person doing any type of work to receive any type of Federal or State aid. It should be totally free without any strings attached.

    But to receive any type of Federal or State aid you should either be totally disabled, a child, or elderly.

    I do NOT believe in giving a healthy person a "free ride". Too lazy to work, too useless to feed.

    I like the old saying from the 70's: "A$$, gas, or grass, nobody rides for free!"

    Just my $.02, your mileage may vary.

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    Here's an actual article on the subject:

    Kasich wants able-bodied adults to work for food stamps | The Columbus Dispatch

    Make sure you read the part where 1.8 million Ohioans are on food stamps, but his program will require only 130,000 of them to work. woop-di-friggin-dooo. So the other 1.67 million will still get to sit on their A$$ collecting from the rest of the Ohio citizenry's pockets.
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    I can see where Stengun is coming from, but until it IS limited to only the totally disabled, children, or elderly, I'm glad he's doing something.

    And to wolf_fire, that sucks. It should be every able-bodied leech.
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    The welfare system is broken. Some of the Apartment complex's I do security for, the people there just dont want to work. Some of the residents only have to pay as little as 7.00 a month for rent, even worse thing is, they dont pay it! Instead, they sit outside their apartments, collect a check and dont look for work. Theyre on 100% state aid, as in, all bills are paid by Mr & Mrs Tax payer, Food is paid again, by the tax payers. I attempted to apply for food assistance, and got turned down. My income barley covers bills and gas, almost nothing left over for food, yet, "I make too much," but these sorry SOBs can sit around all day, collect from the state and not work at all, no incentive to work, because everyting is handed to them on a plate, all they have to do is cash the check......
    Good to see a state is actually trying to take the burden off the tax payers, and put it back on the people who leech off it.
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