Newtown of CT - the "Constitution State" - is coming up with more and more infringement on gun owners:
Newtown approves gun ordinance restricting recreational shooting

Not far away in Bristol CT, (actually nothing is really far away in that midget of a state), kids are being taught that 2A is not an individual right:
Connecticut School Worksheet States Second Amendment Not an Individual Right -

PTR is leaving Bristol, CT for friendlier places, and some members of NSSF are considering doing the same.

Yet, NSSF - " the trade association for the firearms industry" - continues to headquarter in Newtown CT! Why is that?

My guess is it's because of NSSF president's Steve Sanetti's position at Ruger, among his fellow hypocrites at the Ruger HQ in Southport, 25 miles away from Newtown.

Perhaps, they just have too much paper and employees to move at both offices, and can't afford to leave one of the most anti-civilian-gun-ownership states?

Perhaps, they are like the Savior, who has to live among the anti-2A sinners and continue to pay taxes to them to voice his message? Or do they not pay any taxes to CT - corporate or personal?

Or is life in Fairfield county - one of the richest in the US - just too plush, high-class, and convenient to actually walk the 2A talk and move to some pro-2A state?

Or is it that they know that the money will continue to pour in and we'll continue to ignore and forget the hypocricy of most firearm industry leaders, just like that of Bill Ruger? The Gun Zone RKBA -- William B. Ruger, Sr.'s dirty little secret

Or is it that they are no better than the politicians, and only care about the money, and really don't care much about 2A, and how your rights are infringed, because they'll still get plenty from your taxes through government contracts?