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Thread: Is your patriotism born of substance or fluff?

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    My patriotism? Substance or fluff? Heh...

    Been there, done that... got the medals, broken body and PTSD to show for it.

    8yrs AD, multiple deployments... spent 7 months in Parwan Province, Afghanistan taking IDF and PK fire for our fearless leaders.

    I understand the Constitution, patriotism and my oath... and I'd put what I got up against anyone else, any day of the week... and like Rhino said, "twice on Sunday".

    Tread softly, MossyHead... you're among many who've given more than you apparently ever will. Pump your brakes, son.
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    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    I call Troll on the OP. He acts like a five year old with a fart cushion as he types his "it got to you" responses.
    I'm just waiting for him to say "I'm rubber and you're glue."
    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.--- John Quincy Adams
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