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    It's basically one Muslim (Obama) helping other Muslims, as he was taught to do early in life.
    "Beware the fury of a patient man." --John Dryden,
    British poet, critic and playwright

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    ezkl2230: In your exception to a comment made by nosreme, you asked if he was an attorney. I don't know him from Adam but I have read various comments he has made in a number of forums. He mentioned the Air Force Academy in one of his first posts and, in another, mentioned that he had retired after 36 years of service. If he is an AF Academy graduate, that means he had 32 years of active service after graduation. I dare say that, in those 32 years, he, at a minimum, was a full Colonel, possibly higher. He also mentioned being a JAG officer which I think would make him an attorney and, seven years legal experience after military retirement. Some of his additional remarks about various and sundry things makes me think he does have a better insight into the legal issues we can only speculate about. He has shot holes in some of my best theories and causing me to buy more tinfoil but, what the hell, it is all in good fun....isn't it?

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    Treason? What else is new for him?

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