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    Don't Question Common Core

    This may happen to you if you dare to question Common Core education. The cop says the man resisted arrest. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Common Core IS getting a little more publicity lately and that can't be a bad thing. I think the majority of people have never heard of it, even those with school age children. And a lot who have heard of it, have no idea what it is.

    ?Is This America??: Parent ?Manhandled?, Arrested While Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Forum | Video |
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    I AM OZ GOVERMENT OFFICALS..............We the People need to take back our communities. People with power will always abuse those that are willing to be complacent and non-engaged. I applaud this man for taking action and STANDING UP. Had it been a Liberal or Code Pink commies this would have not been a story.
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    It's happening right in front of us and nobody is doing anything about it.

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    The common core standards have been around for years. They have been open and available to the public for years. Most states that have adopted them had debates well before they were adopted. The schools now have to implement them. Now, the question, what are standards. Literally they are exactly what the word means, standards that students must reach in either English or Mathematics. They are not content, they are not curriculum. Content and curriculum are written by the teachers. Their curriculum is only guided by the standards.

    I have been teaching for 15 years and my wife for 30. Never have we seen the states ever provide curriculum and mandate that we teach it. They do however provide standards or benchmarks that drives what we do with our curriculum.

    I have attached a link to the PA Dept of Education website that has links to the common core standards in English and Mathematics in PDF form. You will see the state (not a school) adopted them in 2010. I am in no way saying I agree or disagree with the standards; all I'm saying is the guy in the video at his particular school's meeting was really out of line. The reason, the school doesn't have a say whether they use the standards or not. The state decides on that and the schools create their curriculum based on what standards the states say the students are to reach. His argument wasn't with the school, it was with the state. Do I agree that he should be charged with assault? No, I didn't see any assault. I only saw a guy who disrupted a meeting trying to debate a topic that wasn't debatable and after multiple requests to stop, he wouldn't. I would have applauded him if, three years ago he went to his state's capital and debated them then.

    On an aside, recently there was a woman who's 4th grader had an assignment about a rapper who had a song "Po Pimpin" and she was outraged... rightly so. However, this woman claims that the common core mandated this assignment. This is 100% false. Again, the standards are not curriculum; they are not assignments. They are only standards that students are to reach. How the departments in the school and the teachers get their students to do that is up to them. On this page, find Common Core standards English and find Common Core Standards Mathematics. You'll see PA adopted them in 2010, 3 years ago.
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