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Thread: Student Suspended For Advocating Gun Rights

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    The only thing that kid is guilty of is atrocious spelling. :o

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    Angry all i can say is

    " Grrrrr, Grrrrr, Grrrrr. Where's My Weapon?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by molonlabetn View Post
    A good reason why the term 'gun nut' might be undesirable to use in the near future, even as a humorous term of endearment.

    Let's start a new term... howabout place the insinuation of instability on antis, like: "Defenseless Whacko"

    The best defense is a good offense, and we would be remiss if we ignored common terminology as a battle-ground.

    This is a reason that I am a "Civil Rights Activist", instead of (or, in addition to!) being a "gun nut"!

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    Has anyone heard any more on this incident.I`m sure it will take a while to get to court,but i haven`t seen any updates.

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