Palin = Reagan & Thacher
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Thread: Palin = Reagan & Thacher

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    Palin = Reagan & Thacher

    It seems that Sarah Palin has gotten even more good marks from over seas like the following:

    "One blogger described her as "Margaret Thatcher with five kids and a Klondike drawl" while Jonah Goldberg of the conservative "National Review" enthused: "She was put on this earth to do two things: kill caribou and kick butt. She's all out of caribou."

    Read more:

    Sarah Palin is 'the new Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan' - Telegraph

    Her appeal is growing by leaps and bounds.

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    Yep, she's received a lot of great reviews from over seas. Too bad our media is so bias to the extreme left. I think people are getting wise to their bias and I hope they will hut them where it hurts the their pocket!
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    I has already made that comparision. Yes, she has some problems but they are the same problems that the average American has. Win or lose I don't think anyone is questioning McCain's pick right now.

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    I like Sara Palin, but I think the comparisons to Margaret Thatcher are a bit premature, primarily because she has zero foreign policy expertise (only slightly less than Obama, but nevertheless, a big concern should something happen to McCain and she has to assume the presidency on a moment's notice).

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    Her tenacity will carry her a long way for now, and after she's been in Washington a few months, she will have learned the ropes. Plus, McCain will appoint very high quality advisers to help him and they will be there for her as well. Bush's biggest problem is that he hired too many friends and political allies to be his advisers. She seems to be able to make the right decisions when all is said and done. After all she has been doing just that as governor. No executive, whether in business or government, makes any important decisions without looking at the implications of those decisions. Every president for the past 80 years has relied on expert advisers before making the final decision. Jimmy Carter and George Bush did not have very good advisers, or if they did, they didn't listen.

    Palin seems to be able to be able to work well with those that she trusts, and replaces those that she doesn't.

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    She has my vote.The government needs a good cleaning out.

  8. Who the heck cares WHAT Europeons think about Palin? They're IN LOVE with Obama! They have no vote in our elections!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dancing wolf View Post
    Who the heck cares WHAT Europeans think about Plain? They're IN LOVE with Obama! They have no vote in our elections!
    +1. The Europeans are good for two things. Starting wars or needing us to bail them out of wars. Europe as well as the whole United Nations should take a flying leap. Get us out of the U.N and the U.N out of The USA.
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    Nuf said, Sarah Palin to the rescue . The fact that she is a nursing mom gives all those liberals something to complain about.

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    I agree that it will be long before she can actually compare to Thatcher or Reagan but she gives me that same feeling of being able to look her enemies in the eye and never blink. From what I saw of her ABC interview she is tough.

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