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I read your post. I just get tired of it's the law of the land so there's nothing we can do about it. I also get tired of the double standard liberals play out. If a republican pushed unpopular bad law, the left and the main stream media would be hammering them on a daily basis. But we have a black democrat president so bend over and take it other wise you are a racist.
The bold part shows where you inferred meaning to what I actually said. There is something we can do about it, and we need to, but that requires repealing it as we would any other law, not circumnavigating the issue by trying to defund or delay it. They tried to get it declared unconstitutional, which it was so the Supremes acted unconstitutionally and changed it to make it so rather than sending it back to the legislators to fix it.
Why did they stop there? That was the time and place to continue the fight but they gave up. The Supreme Court violated the Constitution! Blatantly! And they were never called on it. Does that mean that 9 people are the final sayso on everything? Legislating from the bench is illegal, people who are not elected don't get to make laws. They basically did.