A message to Senator McCain....
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Thread: A message to Senator McCain....

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    A message to Senator McCain....

    I greatly appreciate your service to this Nation both in and out of uniform, Sir.
    I know your father was an Admiral as well.

    I just cannot understand how you have lost touch with the American people. The vast majority of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth so I can see where you might loose touch on what it is to have to earn a pay check and so on. How could you sell us out to the liberals though?
    If this is a game of keeping your enemies closer you are doing one hell of a job!

    If that is not the case please.....just retire because you are severely perpetrating a fraud.

    Your ass kissing of Obama and support of cannibal jihadist rebels in Syria that is actual high treason has been utterly dumbfounding.

    Your attacks on Paul and Cruz because they are not willing to be bought and controlled by pure criminals such as the Nazi sympathizer, robber of murdered Jews George Soros who obviously has you under his thumb....are truly pathetic!

    Just stating fact as I and many millions are observing!
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    What he said....good double for me...

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    I can't understand what happened to McCain. His role as a military hero and POW are incongruous with the despicable nature of his behaviour for the last several years. He may always have been progressive; but the brutal verbal attacks on members hIs own party just don't seem to fit with loyalties to his comrades in the past. Could he have changed that much? Did he start believing and liking his portrayal by the media as the political maverick? I keep thinking maybe political extortion.

    They were never confirmed or given any real credibility; but there were rumors going around among vets about McCain's special treatment towards the end of his captivity. It could just be that Washington has a corrupting and destructive influence. There have been many others who have lost their principles because of the corrupting influence of power. But something is obvious; McCain has been in Washington far too long. He no longer represents his constituents or the best interests of the U.S. In fact his actions are dangerous and harmful to the Republic.

  5. The same thing is with him as it is most of the other 434, they have been there too long, have forgot why they are there and who sent them. Most have the big head and think that we work for them not the other way around. Our founders are spinning in their graves at the way the government treats the people and the way the people lets them get away with it. Some day and I hope it isn't too long the folks are going to be completely fed up with government and have another 1776 and throw all the bums out and start fresh.

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    Term Limits and a breaking Oath of Office law that puts them in the slammer.
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    A message to Senator McCain....

    Well spoken sir. I commend you

  8. When in the midst of his run for the oval office in response to a reporters question he said & this is a quote " you don't have anything to fear if obama gets elected".That and refusing to let Palin refer to obummers middle name told me all I needed to know about him.
    How do you brainwash a liberal? Simple, give him an enema.

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    McCain, what a RINO.

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