Those who voted for Obama will be crying out the loudest. The unions have already started. So much for the 40 hour or full-time work week in the US.

I too, am self employed, and as a Sole Proprietor, I was notified that I have to go into the State Exchange.

Additionally, I am connected with the real estate industry, and have been told that thousands of realtors, also Independent Contractors or Sole Proprietors will be forced out of private insurance and into the Exchanges..... many voted for him. How's Hope and Change working out for them? For me, I just Hope I have a little Change left in my pocket when this whole thing shakes out.

Meanwhile, Obama will keep on playing golf, traveling to Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii and living the high life on our dime. The ruling elite will still have wealth and power, while the great unwashed are left asking the benevolent government for the crumbs. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.