With shutdown just hours away, Republicans say Democrat-led Senate a no-show
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Thread: With shutdown just hours away, Republicans say Democrat-led Senate a no-show

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    Angry With shutdown just hours away, Republicans say Democrat-led Senate a no-show

    The countdown to a government shutdown is now marked by hours as the Senate returns Monday afternoon to decide before midnight whether to accept the Republican House's weekend spending-bill offer, make a counter-proposal or let the clock expire.




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    Let it shut down.

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    Why would the senate care if the government shuts down. They still get paid. Meanwhile the political games go on.
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  5. Please stand your ground and let it shut down.

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    The way Obama is covered by the media, the way the dumb butt folks in this country vote I fear either way we lose.
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    The Republicans have proposed delay of the individual mandate for one year as a condition of extending the debt limit....instead, they are allowing Obama to make changes to the law by executive fiat. The delay of Obamacare for corporations, along with the hundreds, it not thousands of waivers are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Obama himself keeps saying... it's the law, it's not going to go away....SO MAKE HIM IMPLEMENT THE ENTIRE LAW AS WRITTEN....RIGHT NOW!!! IT WILL FAIL UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT!!!

    The Republicans should be doing everything possible, including filing suit after suit after suit to end the OBAMA Selective Implementation of the laws of this country. That means Obamacare, which will cause it to fail, enforcement of the Immigration laws, etc, etc, etc....all of which Obama and Holder selectively enforce. They need to learn, even be forced to if necessary, uphold the Constitution for which they took an oath.

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    The Republicans have provided many proposals for budgets over the last five years and the Democrat controlled Senate does not give one stinkin' rat's patootie. Why now would they care about this?

    Heck even when Obama had a Democrat controlled Senate AND House they couldn't/wouldn't get a budget agreed upon. This administration doesn't want to be tethered by a budget. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Damned be the consequences. So... I guess we're getting a shut down.
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  10. The Republican party is letting uncompromising ideological purists destroy it. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that "the American people" will be so fed up with them that democrats will take over the House in 2014, and that could result in gun control legislation that goes beyond even what Bloomberg dared to dream about. You extreme right-wing conservatives have the right to take whatever position you want, but remember the adage about the dangers of getting what you wish for.

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    Has been shut down many times that I can remember. No big deal, let it shut down.
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