More from THEM Brady and Doc against us.
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Thread: More from THEM Brady and Doc against us.

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    More from THEM Brady and Doc against us.

    American Doctors Speak Out on Gun Violence

    From a thread on FaceBook via my "Friend" Brady.
    "Undocumented Second Amendment Supporter, fighting against suppression of mandatory background checks."

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    She's as ugly, as she is stupid.

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    The AMA has long been against the second amendment. And JAMA is outspoken on many progressive causes. But don't be fooled; the AMA only represents about a third of American doctors- very liberal doctors. I'm fortunate enough to have a doc who is president of the local sportsmen club and is a competitive trap shooter. And he is a big supporter of Iowa's shall issue, carry law. In spite of media lies all doctors certainly do not support gun control.

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