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Thread: The Shutdown How Low Can a Cockroach Go???

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    BACHMANN FOR PRESIDENT, Palin for vice president. If one of them is "indisposed" monthly, surely the other one wont be? :-) we DESPERATELY need somebody who can beat out Hitlary

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    First, "closing" open monuments WWII & Vietnam, by paying someone to install barricades and paying guards to keep people out.
    Next, closing of the "national parks" in the Gulf of Mexico and Biscayne Bay, by increasing patrols (manpower and US Govt owned boats) to prevent private citizen access to fish in the OCEANS!!!
    Further, close down the Federal Amber Alert system, while Michelle Obama's Lets Move website continues to operate.
    Etc, Etc, Etc....

    NOW... the Military has been ordered by the White House's Office of Management and Budget to withhold Funeral Benefits from the families of the soldiers killed in action serving this country. Again Obama has shown his true disdain for our military...who gave their lives so that Obama and his radical, terrorist friends could speak freely.

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