Another victim of guns in DC
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Thread: Another victim of guns in DC

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    Another victim of guns in DC

    A depressed woman is soon going to show up on Bloomies list of gun victims along with the Boston Bomber. She was killed by cops but we all know guns are to blame for her death. Those deadly intentioned tools of death murdered another human being, even as her child was in the car with her. Perhaps cars should be outlawed. They kill far more than guns each year and have been used against police officers as weapons - most recently in this case in Washington DC. Since cars can be used by those with mental problems as engines of destruction clearly we need laws banning or at least controlling their illegal use.

    Oh that's right. We already have laws in place for those situations. They only work on law abiding drivers though. Those inclined to use the car as tools of destruction are not dissuaded by details like the law.

    Cars and guns. The parallels are amazing. Please feel free to add your insights.
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    Insight: People are idiots. The end.
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    The media initially began reporting that this lady got out of he car with a gun. That's why the police had to shoot her. We now know she was unarmed except for her car. These despicable people in the media want very badly to have a story to support gun control. Of course they would also love it if the perpetrator was a conservative.

    What ever happened to accuracy in reporting a story? Their agenda and propaganda must be more important than accuracy . How, with their recent record on accuracy, can any thinking person give any credibility to major media sources? The media have discredited themselves so often the they should just disappear from the scene and leave the reporting to honest people. They're able to sway elections by appealing to the stupid and uninformed voters; and they are actually destroying this countryman

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    They said the woman was suffering with post partum depression. My sister in law went through that, and I can only imagine what was going through the woman's mind. She probably wasn't thinking clearly, and probably panicked at finding herself in her situation. Sorry main stream media, no firearm involved on her part. And probably no Tea Party connection either.

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    Not too long ago, we had a young fellow try to run over a sheriff's deputy trying to get away after a stop. Officer shot the man in defense of his own life. That vehicle would have been just as deadly to the officer as a bullet and, fortunately, the shooting was justified. This case will go on for a long time and will only be over once money is paid to family.

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    Cars are only evil if they are matte black and have a high capacity fuel tank and have other such extra mods like "turbo chargers", "NOS system", "vanity plates", "tinted windows", etc. I've seen thousands of pictures of cars, and I know which ones are evil and should be outlawed.
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    Just to lighten the mood... not long ago, I was moving my horses to my neighbor's pasture so they could mow his lawn. I looked over to my driveway to see an unfamiliar red car flying down my driveway followed by a sheriff's SUV. (My driveway is about .15 mi long.) I freak out a bit and head over. By the time I get there the deputy's seen me and comes to meet me, wanting to know if I recognize the driver. Not a clue. Turns out some lady is trying to escape a speeding ticket by driving down a wide open driveway in a bright red car and claiming she's coming to visit me when he follows her! My kid thinks the whole thing is awesome, but I send him inside, just in case. Deputy tells me not to worry, he'd have her out right away, hands her a ticket and follows her back down the driveway. I'm wary the next few weeks, cause you never know, but haven't seen hide nor hair of her since. Stupid to speed on our road, anyway... you'll wreck your suspension. Still, was the funniest thing I'd seen in a while. Told my neighbor later and he about died laughing.

    And no, no mention about whether or not I'm armed... I was on my own land and in this county they wouldn't care anyway.
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    "Government is not meant to burden Liberty but rather to secure it." -T.J. O'Hara

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