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Thread: Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by golocx4 View Post
    The Administration and libs in general have done more to the vets than they did to the Occupy bums.
    That's because the Occupy people share the same views. They are both Marxists and revolutionaries. Both hate this country and want to change it into socialist Utopia. Both feel that there are two classes people. One class is industrious, achievers and the other group feels entitled to the first group's money. The second group votes for politicians who use the force of government to steal from those who work. The Occupy people contribute nothing and simply take advantage af the liberty purchased by the blood and sacrifices of others.

  3. I heard about and watched were the unions for the Illegal Aliens, had a big rally on the mall. while they arrested the vets.
    some of the workers even said they were required to be there even when they weren't paid to be.

    looks like some are more equal then others

  4. The little muslim in the white house is kicking a big sleeping bear in the ass, things have to bust wide open pretty soon.
    How do you brainwash a liberal? Simple, give him an enema.

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