With what we are seeing over the past week, it’s plain to see that Obama is a pathetic, vengeful person as a President. He’s done everything to make sure that whatever can be done to inject undue misery on the people of the United States will be done, even if it’s something a minor as closing down the WW2 veteran’s memorial site. There was no reason to have done this except to be a petty, with a, I’ll show you who’s the boss kind of attitude.
In all of the past government shutdowns there has been never a shutdown of the memorial parks and national historical attractions, except now under Obama.
Obama doesn’t like to be told what to do; he’s as thin skinned as they come, and a vengeful, back stabbing, egotistical mean spirited SOB too boot.
His attitude of; it’s my way or the highway” is a really sad pathetic way to govern and suppose ably lead the country to a better future.
Almost every time you hear him speak, it’s; “I did this or that”, “I’m going to”, “I want you to understand this”. These aren’t words of a leader, these are words of someone who thinks their better than you and thinks they know better than you.
The bottom line is, Obama and his wife LOVE all of the perks (vacations every month) of being President but hate the actual job of being the President.
America, will take many years to overcome all of these actions that have been done to us by Obama and his multitude of a$$ kissers, but America is strong and we’ll bounce back, we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.