US government publishes new "firearms safety" research needs book
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Thread: US government publishes new "firearms safety" research needs book

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    US government publishes new "firearms safety" research needs book

    FYI - the federal government's National Academies Press, which publishes books and reports on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, etc, has just published a new book based on an executive order by Obama:

    "Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence"

    the book's Table of Contents is listed below:

    Front Matter
    Front Matter i-x
    Summary 1-10
    Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence 11-68
    Appendix A: References 69-88
    Appendix B: Public Meeting and Workshop Agenda 89-100
    Appendix C: Committee Biographies

    -----> You can download a free PDF version of this new book from this web page:

    Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence

    Here's an excerpt from the book describing how Obama started this activity:

    In January 2013, President Obama issued 23 executive orders directing federal agencies to improve knowledge of the causes of firearm violence, the interventions that might prevent it, and strategies to minimize its public health burden. One of these executive orders noted that “in addition to being a law enforcement challenge, firearm violence is also a serious public health issue that affects thousands of individuals, families, and communities across the Nation,” and directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with other relevant federal agencies, to immediately begin identifying the most pressing firearm-related violence research problems.

    The CDC and the CDC Foundation requested that the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in collaboration with the National Research Council (NRC), convene a committee of experts to develop a potential research agenda focusing on the public health aspects of firearm-related violence— its causes, approaches to interventions that could prevent it, and strategies to minimize its health burden. In accordance with the CDC’s charge, the committee did not focus on public health surveillance and potentially related behavioral/mental health issues, as these will be addressed separately. The research program envisioned by the committee, which is designed to produce impacts in 3-5 years, focuses on

    the characteristics of firearm violence,
    risk and protective factors,
    interventions and strategies,
    gun safety technology, and
    the influence of video games and other media.

    If you read this book, you'll see all sorts of things to be researched, from mandatory electronic "safety" gadgets, elaborate locking mechanisms, various types of gun safeties, etc, etc.

    I didn't see much research proposed about improved use of guns for self-defense or crime prevention.

    On page 2, I found this sentence to be distressing since the report intentionally does not include *any* structure or limits on the "research" or methods that will be funded. Unrestricted funding of politically sensitive research is suspicious, to say the least!

    "To allow the research community flexibility in designing the research protocols, the report does not specify the methodologies that should be used to address the research topics."

    In recent years, the NRA and others have stopped this type of taxpayer funded research which was mostly used to support excessive and unhelpful gun control laws, etc. More recently, the billionaire-funded Bloomberg organization is funding a range of anti-gun "research" (esp at Johns Hopkins and other leading universities).

    You may wish to contact your House and Senate representatives to express your opposition to spending your taxpayer dollars on this type of "research", which will (as in the past) be mostly used as an excuse to take us further down the slippery slope of gun control and gun confiscation. "Firearm safety" is too often a disguise for removing or radically restricting Second Amendment rights through ineffective and pointlessly restrictive legislation, as has recently been recently accomplished at the state level in Colorado, New York, Connecticut, etc.

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    Another book in this series

    I just found an earlier taxpayer-supported book in this series, published in 2004. It is available as a free PDF e-book download from the web page linked below:

    Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review

    Table of Contents:

    Preface ix
    Executive Summary 1
    1 Introduction 11
    2 Data for Measuring Firearms Violence and Ownership 19
    3 Patterns of Firearm-Related Violence 53
    4 Interventions Aimed at Illegal Firearm Acquisition 72
    5 The Use of Guns to Defend Against Criminals 102
    6 Right-to-Carry Laws 120
    7 Firearms and Suicide 152
    8 Firearm Injury Prevention Programs 201
    9 Criminal Justice Interventions to Reduce Firearm-Related Violence 221
    References 242


    A Dissent 269
    James Q. Wilson

    B Committee Response to Wilson’s Dissent 272

    C Judicial Scrutiny of Challenged Gun Control Regulations: 276
    The Implications of an Individual Right Interpretation of the Second Amendment
    Scott Gast

    D Statistical Issues in the Evaluation of the Effects of Right-to-Carry Laws 299
    Joel L. Horowitz

    E Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff 309

    Index 317

    In quickly reading through these books, I see why the NRA and others have so strongly opposed taxpayer funding of this type of "research". I hope that Obama doesn't find some way to get around the established Congressional prohibitions against using taxpayer dollars for such things.

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    everybody who wants to suicide and get out of the way should be helped and encouraged, in my book. The world's got 10x the number of people for which its resources offer a decent life. What we NEED to fund is as yet childless young women getting sterlized, paying them 5k each, and taking their thumbprint, so they can't "repeat". Then, they would at least have a SHOT at getting an education, starting a biz, etc, and not be making everything worse (for everyone on Earth) by having kids that have no hope of a better life!

    Naturally, to get a decent bang for the buck spent, it will have to be done in the third world. Altho some of the more sketchy ones here might be tempted by such a small sum, it won't change their lives any, as it can for 3rd worlders.

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