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Thread: Is Baohner's Boondoggle unconstitutional?

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    Is Baohner's Boondoggle unconstitutional?

    WOW!!!! The liberal mind set still amazes me. OK I have a question in its simplest form since we're on this topic. I don't understand (because I'm not liberal I'm sure) but on this Obama care thing. It snuck through as a tax but if I do not participate HOW DO I GET TAXED FOR SOMETHING I DO NOT PURCHASE?????

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    You can primarily blame John Roberts for this. He went through several legal contortions to prove the constitutionality of this abortion of a law. I don't know if he was blackmailed into this or bribed by the Whitehouse as a lot of our representatives were. And with NSA snooping does anyone believe that we can rule out blackmail? Think about the Petraeus incident.

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    Is Baohner's Boondoggle unconstitutional?

    It's scary at how all this works

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    So what happens if congress demands that the Supreme Court reverse Heller and McDonald or suffer the consequences of being defunded.

    I'd expect the clerk would commence an action against congress and the decision would be that such a move is unconstitutional because it uses a legitimate procedure for an illegitimate purpose.

    Boehner's boondoggle is no different.

    Withholding funding of the government to get repeal of a law validly enacted and politically affirmed by a majority of voters in the last presidential election is no different.

    Maybe Benedict Boehner and his followers should be tried for treason.
    I say the following not as a defense of Boehner or any other establishment Republican hacks, because I despise all their NWO asses. However, I despise lies even more, so let's get some truth inserted in this train wreck of a thread.

    The Republicans in the House have passed no less than four bills that funds government and raises the debt limit at "normal" growth rates (Yippee for planned hyperinflation!!). Only one part of their bills and CRs was left out of those funding bills; ObamaCare. Obama and Reid have colluded to stymie the will of The People, as expressed by duly elected House Representatives (as it is proscribed under the Constitution). Reid by keeping the House bills from being debated and/or voted on, and Obama by refusing to consider negotiating over any part of ObamaCare, much of which would be accepted by the mealy-mouthed, milquetoast Republicans if he just got rid of portions that there is nearly universal agreement on that they are deleterious to industry and the overall economy. The tax on medical devices comes to mind, but there are at least a couple of others too.

    It is clearly Obama and Reid who have shut down the government, and I for one, want to thank them. It's the only right thing either of them have done since the beginning of their respective political careers. Oh, but if only they had the power and inclination to shut it down permanently. That time will come shortly, but none of them will have anything whatsoever to do with it.

    Anyway, four House bills that gives the Demtards and Obama 97% of what they want can hardly be described as "Boehner's ransom note" for holding out for 100% of what the Republicans want. They're holding out for 3% of what Reid and Obama are standing firmly against even negotiating down to .05%, which the (R) hacks would gladly accept as a "victory" if they just offered it to them.

    And I have to ask nogods, what federal funding is devoted towards the implementation of Heller or McDonald that Boehner even has the opportunity to fart around with? Answer: NONE.

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    Illegal reconciliation for a spending bill by the senate started all this ****.

    It never should have progressed this far but look what $$$ and political corruption have given the American sheeple.

    Crap... Now I'm on the list :p
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    When SCOTUS and Justice Roberts ruled that the AHCA was a tax just about everyone got their panties in a wad. From the looks of the decision to call it a tax law actually makes it easier for the congress to remove/abolish the law. Although any law can be reversed, once the AHCA is fully enacted and becomes entrenched with the low information citizen, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of it. Now is the time for the fight to take place, not after it is up and running.

    Boehner is playing hard core politics with the goal of bringing the opposition to the table to negotiate a resolution that is not completely one sided. Obama is playing dictator with his 'my way or the highway' attitude to bring the republicans to their knees. Obama doesn't know how to negotiate since he's always had is way handed to him. This is new territory for him and it looks like he's scared of it and it's beginning to show.
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    Koch boys and Norquist see Boehner's Ransom Note as the Ransom of Red Chief

    The Kochs appear to be distancing themselves from the movement they've helped to create. In a letter released Wednesday, Koch Industries' chief lobbyist, Philip Ellender, says the company does not favor the House's push to defund Obamacare as a condition of keeping the government open. Koch Industries would prefer to see Congress focus on fiscal issues: "We believe that Congress should, at a minimum, keep to sequester-level spending guidelines, and develop a plan for more significant and widespread spending reductions in the future," Ellender writes.

    The Kochs Can't Control the Monster They Created

    Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, has ratcheted up his criticisms of Sen. Ted Cruz, calling the Texas tea party hero a poor political planner and demanding he apologize to fellow Republicans for his relentless push to defund Obamacare.

    Grover Norquist: Sen. Ted Cruz owes GOP an apology

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    I don't think Cruz needs to apoligize to Republicans. It is the other way around. He is the only one that has had the audacity to buck the old boy system and has shamed the so called Republican elite. They should all take a lesson from Cruz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post

    Boehner is playing hard core politics with the goal of bringing the opposition to the table to negotiate a resolution that is not completely one sided. Obama is playing dictator with his 'my way or the highway' attitude to bring the republicans to their knees. Obama doesn't know how to negotiate since he's always had is way handed to him. This is new territory for him and it looks like he's scared of it and it's beginning to show.

    Despite Republicans' insistance that he's not willing to come to the table and negotiate re-opening the federal government, President Barack Obama on Monday noted that his party is already willing to accept a short-term measure to fund the government that includes funding the GOP previously considered a policy victory, provided it doesn't touch Obamacare.

    "The bill that is being presented to end the government shutdown reflects Republican priorities," Obama said, addressing federal employees at FEMA in Washington. "It's the Republican budget. The funding levels of this short-term funding bill, called the CR, is far lower than what Democrats think it should be.

    "Nevertheless Democrats are prepared to put the majority of votes on it to fund the government," he added. "When you hear government not compromising, we're compromising so much we're willing to open the government at funding levels that reflect Republican wishes, that don't at all reflect our wishes."

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was adamant on Sunday that such a bill, called a "clean" continuing resolution, could not pass the lower chamber. The White House is calling on Boehner to put his money where his mouth is and put the bill on the floor to see whether enough House Republicans would join Democrats in funding the government. Several independent whip counts have placed the number of House GOPers publicly supporting such a bill, which would include automatic budget cuts known as sequestration, at at least 20 votes.

    Republican leadership maintained that passing a clean CR with sequester-level funding was a victory for the party as late as Sept. 6, according to a memo written by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).
    Obama: We're Willing To Fund Government With Republican Priorities

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    The House is re-elected every two years WHY????? That no Congress (House of Reps) will be held to a previous Congress laws and funding. The Senate is not, can not appropriate ANY MONEY without the Reps bill. That's why this whole system of checks and balances was set up. Reps represent the people of the state, Senate was to represent the State appointed by the State Legislature or Governor. (Each State Constitution is different).
    The 17th amendment changed all that with "open" elections of Senators. Funny, the 16th amendment was about the same time frame. Look I t up, within a few years of each other.
    The POWER is in the House. Your Reps need to know this an ACT NOW. Knowing this is to KNOW THAT ALL FUNDING FOR ANY PROGRAM COMES FROM THE HOUSE. Damm the Senate and damm those that wish to bastardize on a continuing basis this continual rape of the American Tax Payer.
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