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I'm reading this as I take a break after working 10 out of 14 hours of OT on a Saturday ( worked 4 1/2 hours without a break to complete a job ) and I'm wearing a blue collar work shirt, steel toe boots, and safety glasses, brown bag my lunch to work, punch a time clock, carry a United Steelworker's of America membership card in my wallet ( right next to my CCW permit and my VA ID card that states I'm a service connected Veteran I would NEVER consider that the Tea Beggers were looking out for my best interest.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

Paul: Everything was fine until you mentioned union. As an Administration Manager in a defense industry, I had the privilege of helping defeat a union move to organize our employees. Unions served a purpose at one time but they are just organized thuggery now. Their allegiance to our president helped him to be reelected and he is now trying to screw the unions as well as everyone else. Did you enjoy the KoolAid?