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    Medical Device Tax

    I know the spin is to make the average dipwad think that the Medical Device Tax is for those expensive gadgets that doctors and lab use. All I can think of is when I worked in the import business trying to bring in goods from Canada. The FDA defined an FDA Shipment or medical device as anything that goes in or on the body.

    Everything from Henna tattoos to Skin cream to Tooth brushes to an Artificial Heart required FDA Clearance.

    The other part of the spin that the average dipwad doesn't get after all the decades of the Dept of Education is that Corporations and Businesses don't pay taxes. They simply collect them from the consumer which means the average dipwad will be paying this new Medical Device Tax.

    So is the price of toothbrushes going up?

    Perhaps some of the FDA Inspector's or IRS agents on the forum can help out here.
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    As the saying goes. If you want less of something TAX IT. The low information crowd loves this kind of thing. Yea stick it to big business. Well like Golocx4 states Corporations and businesses don't pay taxes. They collect them for the government. The low information crowd doesn't understand this.
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    I guess they'll be taxing the cases of KY they'll be passing out. This current administration has now become your proctologist. Get used to it, take it, and be happy.
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